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Making Your Mark Through Social Media - Kasia McNaught (BA ‘07)

Making Your Mark Through Social Media - Kasia McNaught (BA ‘07)

February 27, 2018

Kasia McNaught was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and migrated to Perth with her family in 2001. She was the recipient of an academic and music scholarship for Penrhos College, where she finished her TEE in 2003. Kasia was a student at UWA and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Italian. In July 2016, Kasia founded McNaught Media, a boutique strategic marketing consultancy specialising in content creation and social media management. She is a passionate digital marketer and has multi-faceted media experience from working in online, radio, print and non-traditional advertising.

Due to the collaborative nature of her work, Kasia decided to start a full-suite digital marketing agency called Bloom Digital with two of her colleagues in October 2017, where she is the Social and Content Director. Kasia and her team bring extensive experience from working at larger agencies and corporations to lead local brands and businesses into full bloom.

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I Personally Believe You Should Go Hard Or Go Home Very Early - Zac Evangelisti (BEnvDes ‘14, MArch ‘16)

I Personally Believe You Should Go Hard Or Go Home Very Early - Zac Evangelisti (BEnvDes ‘14, MArch ‘16)

February 20, 2018

Architecture is something that provides the everyday city dweller with an opportunity to explore spaces that convey a particular quality, influence our thinking, emotions and may even challenge ideas. Architecture can be public or it can be very personal. I have been involved in the design and documentation of a more personal side to architecture, liaising with clients to create for them their dream home. A home which conveys who they are and showcases their identity through built form.

Starting Your Own Business: When To Take The Leap - Matt Lucarelli (MBA ‘16)

Starting Your Own Business: When To Take The Leap - Matt Lucarelli (MBA ‘16)

February 13, 2018

"Born and raised in Perth, straight after high school I went on to study Construction Management in Perth and abroad in the US. I have since spent 8 years working for Perkins, a mid tier commercial builder in Perth. Having worked my way up the organization from graduate to a senior management position, using the experience I gained and the skills learnt in my MBA at UWA put me in a position to start my own business.

Last year the timing was right and I took the opportunity to form Capstone Construction, a new commercial builder in the Perth market that focus’ on building long term relationships with staff and clients. I believe in people and that investing time and effort into your team is not only the right thing to do for them, but is the only way to deliver long term results.

Outside of work I have a young family with our second child on the way this year, love a game of golf when I get the time and am part of the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program."

What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

February 6, 2018

What makes us happy?

UWA is at the forefront of innovative research, finding answers to some of the compelling questions we face today.

Liam Bartlett, UWA graduate and investigative journalist, will moderate a fascinating discussion with a panel of UWA experts around the question: what makes us happy?

The panel will explore how we create happiness and sustain it, and how the following factors influence our happiness:

  • Nature versus nurture
  • Health, wellbeing and art
  • Money and materialism
  • Life satisfaction, education and income
  • Medication and the mind
  • Fun and fitness

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A. Enjoy refreshments and the chance to chat with fellow alumni about this topical issue after the panel discussion.

Moderator: Liam Bartlett


  • Professor Andrew Page, Professor/Associate Dean (Graduate Research Studies), School of Psychology, research includes anxiety disorders, mental health outcomes, suicide and self-injury
  • Dr Christina Davies, Research Fellow, School of Population Health, mental wellbeing and art practice
  • Dr Inga Kristoffersen, Associate Professor, UWA Business School, life satisfaction, income and education
  • Dr Jenny Rodger, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Experimental and Regenerative Neurosciences
  • Michael Baldwin, PhD student, The Good Life, the role of money and materialism in happiness