Alumni Voices

The inside scoop for acing interviews

February 17, 2020

Those in the market for a new job know that there are a lot of tips out there on how to do well in interviews and some of them are a little conflicting. The truth is, while they may ask about it in different ways, most employers want to hear the same things.

This panel features the employers themselves talking about how you can best prepare for interviews and the most important piece of information you need in advance.


Kassy Taylor BA, BCom ‘14
Compliance Manager, Politis Central Services Group 

Kathleen Franklyn BSc ’88, BSc(Hons) ’89, PhD ’95, GradDipEd ‘16
Career Development Consultant, Curtin 

Mark Lane BPed '87
CEO, Surfing WA


Neesha Seth MPsych '09
Organisational Pscyhologist