Alumni Voices

Personal Brand: What’s yours?

January 6, 2020

Your brand tells the world - employers, customers, contacts - who you are, what you're passionate about and what you're capable of. It defines you and shapes the opportunities you attract.

This discussion covers establishing your personal brand and how to use it.


Vanessa Vershaw BA '92
Leadership Coach, Harvard Business School | Board Member, qChange: Nudge Makers 

Toto Boutdara BSc '14
Brand & Image | Chief Consultant at Totostips | Chief Advisor at Australia - Laos Business Advisory | Board Director at Cahoots

Jeffrey Effendi LLB, BCom '14
Social Entrepreneur | Founder & Head of Creativity, DrawHistory


Bronny Fisher BCom '06
People & Culture Manager, Doghouse Agency

This presentation was recorded at UWA CareerConnect.