Alumni Voices

Not just a job: The evolving world of work

February 24, 2020

Careers are becoming increasingly complex.  In the world of tomorrow, it’s very likely you’ll have your day job, your business ‘on the side’ and the volunteering you do to upskill, make connections and create positive change.

This panel features alumni who are ‘doing it all’ talking about whether a separation of work and life is realistic.  Yes, you can have it all.  You just may have to have it all at once.


Tshung-Hui Chang BCom ‘93
Director, Torque Metals Limited

Lou Forster MBA ‘16
Head of Brand & People, Chorus

Andrew Walker BE ‘14

Charlotte Smail BEnvDes ’13, MArch ‘18
Consultant, Tower Human Capital Group


Anna Burchfield MIntlRelns '14
Digital Communications Officer, Main Roads Western Australia