Alumni Voices

My PhD - Tessa Maroni [BSc ‘15, BSc(Hons) ‘15]

September 16, 2019

I (Tessa Maroni) have recently completed my PhD in Exercise Physiology; while at the same time I’ve held a part-time academic role in the school of Exercise and Sport Science over the past 4 years. As a young athlete competing as a national high jumper, I always knew I wanted to work in sport therefore I naturally enrolled in the BSc (Sport Science, Exercise and Health). Following this, I undertook my Honours in a clinical study using exercise as medicine for adolescent brain cancer survivors. My passion lied in elite sport therefore for my PhD I investigated the use of cooling modalities on physiology and performance (exercise and cognitive) in team and endurance athletes. Currently, I am still in a teaching role within the School of Human Sciences where I look forward to inspiring the coming cohorts of undergraduate students while continuing research in human thermoregulatory and exercise physiology.