Alumni Voices

Jay Munro -

March 9, 2020

Jay Munro, Head of Career Insights (Marketing), Australia & New Zealand,

Having worked within the recruitment industry for over 15 years, Jay Munro is now Indeed's Employer Insights Strategist for Australia and New Zealand. During his career he has had the opportunity to garner insights from working in a variety of roles, including recruiting, consulting, and product development of new sourcing technologies.

“Never before has the future of work been so uncertain. We face an ever-changing landscape where jobs are lost and new ones gained as industries and organisations evolve. With such uncertainty, it's imperative to build a resilient toolkit that will sustain you across roles, companies and sectors.  I’ll draw on what I know of the global job market to share with you what I believe to be key opportunities and challenges on the road ahead - and to remind you of the most important skills you already have to meet them.  If you’re looking for hints to put yourself in the best possible position for growing your career, join me at CareerConnect.”