Beyond the Hall of Winthrop

Fogarty and Winthrop Scholars Leadership Panel

September 14, 2021

The UWA Fogarty and Winthrop Scholars Leadership Reception was an opportunity to hear from some outstanding former scholars as they shared their experiences and perspectives on leadership development. Panellists included:

  • James Dingley, BPhil(Hons) ’21, Project Manager at UWA Aerospace
  • Tom Durkin, BCom ’15, JD ’18, Law Graduate at Cullen Macleod
  • Simon Thuijs, BPhil(Hons) ‘’17, GradCertBusPsych ’20, UWA Masters student
  • Jasmin Sekhon BCom ’15, MD ’18, MPH ’21, Resident Medical Officer at King Edward Memorial Hospital
  • Georgie Carey, BCom ’17, BCom(Hons) ’18, Town of Mosman Park Councillor
  • Anish Badgeri, BPhil(Hons) ’17, DipModLang ’18, Teacher at Perth Modern School


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