Alumni Voices

Dr Luqman Aziz [BSc ‘10, BSc(Hons) ‘11, PhD ‘16] Sport Biomechanist at the Singapore Sport Institute

December 23, 2019

Dr Luqman Aziz completed his PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis from the University of Western Australia’s School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health in September 2015 and is currently a Sport Biomechanist at the Singapore Sport Institute. He has always enjoyed Physics and Sports so naturally, the interest for Biomechanics developed through his time in Australia under the guidance of the university’s world renowned biomechanists such as Professor Bruce Elliott, Professor Jacqueline Alderson and Associate Professor Siobhan Reid. Today, Dr Aziz is part of the sport science team which supports the National Athletes of Singapore where he applies his knowledge in science to assist, improve and monitor the performance of athletes with the aim of maximising his/her full potential.

Looking to work in Singapore? Dr Luqman Abdul Aziz [BSc '10, BSc(Hons) '11, PhD '16] will share insight into what it takes to work and succeed in Singapore.